Welcome to the Neuro-Engineering lab!

We develop novel microscopy technologies for unraveling the structure and function of the nervous system, from synapses to neurons to neural circuits spanning the entire brain. In particular, we focus on super-resolution microscopy technologies based on Expansion Microscopy and fluorescent microscopy technologies for monitoring whole-brain neural activity during natural behavior. We use the larval zebrafish as a model.

With the above described technologies large 3D image and video datasets are generated. To make sense of these datasets, we further pursue the development of analysis methodologies. Moreover, we develop computational models to generate hypotheses based on our observations, and make predictions that can be tested via additional data acquisition and analysis.

Finally, we are also interested in the broad application of the technologies we develop in other domains of biology and medicine, e.g. to infer how gene expression regulation is mediated by the structure of cell nuclei in embryos and in cancerous cells.

funded by the Zuckerman STEM leadership program